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Best Lingam Massage

“Lingam” means “penis” and is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva. The Lingam has also been considered a symbol of male creative energy and a symbol of the phallus. Nowadays it is the professional tantric word for the masculine genital organ.


In english you can name it “cock”, “dick”, “jimmy” or “rod”. It is also a “tool”, and you can take it word-wordly. In Spain we call it “polla”, “cipote”, “rabo”, and “titola” in catalan. Germans call it “Schwanz”, “Zipfel” in some regions. You name it!


It is funny how languages like turkish have a different word for each size. “Yarak” would be a big one, “sik” a medium sized, to name just two of them.


We are in a dick-centered culture and, like it or not, many traditions are based on the worship of phallic attributes. The ancient greeks had temples dedicated to Phallus, and our culture is based on countless greek mental concepts. Some call our society “phallocratic”.


But back to Lingam, our cock, everybody knows it is one of our body parts with the ability of giving us very intense pleasure.


Lingam massage

A good tantric masseur should know how to handle it. The “lingam massage” is a speciality for itself, and I’m proud to offer it for your enjoyment. My customers say I’m probably the best “lingam-masseur” in Barcelona.


In Tantra erotic massage the dick is a part of human body, taken with the most natural and unprejudiced attitude. Tantra massage sees the human body as a whole, not just as parts, and all is sacred and has the dignity to be worshipped. My massage will worship you from toes to ears.


If you ever have the chance to enjoy my tantric massages you will understand what this means: you will feel familiar with us, with no shame and fully at ease. From the first second.


Lingam massage and ejaculation control

Oftentimes we are a bit too fast when it comes to ejaculate. Lingam massage in the context of  erotic Tantra massage uses several techniques to control ejaculation. This way you will be able to enjoy a much longer session and time for your sensual and sexual pleasure. Not achieving orgasm too fast will enable you to focus on a sexual pleasure that will be spreading to all of your body parts. It may sound poetic but it’s the way it feels.

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Tantric Sexuality Initiation

Most couples in modern cultures do feel the call to being initiated in the arts of love. Thousands of years of experiential research and well guarded  physical as energetic discoveries assembled a vast treasure of wisdom in various tantric lineages. Combined with modern scientific knowledge about anatomy, sexology, physiology, psychology and affiliated disciplines in this coaching couples can experience and realize the mundane and profound aspects of what life holds in store for man & woman.

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Lingam Evolution

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored, as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.Read More.......