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Best Male Massage  - Faq

Q: Will we be naked during the massage?
A: Yes our male therapist will be nude with a underwear.

Q: Can you make booking online?
A: We do not have a specific online booking form as it has proven to be ineffective, the easiest way will be to call us. We answer the phone 24 hours and 365 days a year, or  alternatively email us but please with an email allow  some time for a  response.

Q: How much time in advance?
A: At least 2 hours in advance if you need urgently. The longer in advance you place a booking, the bigger the chance that the therapist of your choice is available for you.

Q: What if I do not like him? or Can I cancel the meet up request?
A:If you think the Therapist is not to your requirements, please reject him at the door and pay him $50 for his transportation and send him back immediately. No private dealing or bargaining is allowed once the meet up are confirmed and the guy is there.

Q: When do I pay him?
A:When the guy arrived at the door payment should full paid before he starts his service. And you are not allowed to bargain or ask us to reduce the price after that.

Q: Do you offer a 30 min service / rates ?
A: No,we dont have such services ,

Q: Do the Male Therapist visit couples?
A: Yes, Our Male therapist do serve couples as well.

Q: At what times are the Male Therapist available?
A: Most of our Male Therapist are available from 12pm to 2am.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: No at the moment.

Q: What details do I need to give when I make a booking?
A: When making a booking for an hotel visit all we require is your first name and a contact telephone and hotel room number.  Ideally this will be your mobile phone number which we can contact you on up until your booking commences.  This helps to ensure that if we need to contact you due to any last minute problems we can do so to save you any inconvenience. For outcall visits we will require your land line phone number for either your home or hotel room.  We will need to call you on this number to confirm the booking.  We do this as a safety measure for our therapist.

Q: What is the most popular best massage ?
A: Our most popular is tantra massage & Lingam massage.

Q: Do you provide incall services?
A: No we only provide outcall services only.

Q: Do your male therapist provide sex services?
A: No,if either one of our therapist get caught we will ban him from our company.

Q: Do you have an age limit?
A: No, we are happy to entertain men of all ages.

Q: Are you discreet?
A: Your discretion is of the utmost importance to us. We will keep confidently .

Q: Any picture of the massage therapists for me to choose?
A: No, we do NOT provide pictures. Our massage therapists are discreet and we allocated accordingly to the next available booking and skill sets in the queue.


Massage By Male

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